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Dr Stuart Flint

Dr Stuart Flint


Dr Stuart W. Flint is Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Leeds, Director of Obesity UK, and President of Scaled Insights. Dr Flint is also an Honorary Academic for Public Health England. He is the Chair of the Obesity Policy Engagement Network (UK), and a contributing member to the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Obesity and APPG on a Fit and Healthy Childhood. He contributes evidence to several other APPGs on health and inequalities experiences by marginalised groups. He has a specific interest and expertise in stigma and discrimination, leading work internationally and nationally to highlight the pervasiveness and impact of stigma and discrimination on obesity. He has developed interventions to reduce stigmatising attitudes and discriminatory behaviours working national and local governments, health systems, education, media, charities and the general population. Dr Flint has published widely in high impact journals including the Lancet, Nature Medicine and the British Medical Journal, and is regularly interviewed by media outlets (e.g. BBC, Sky News, and The Times).

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