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Heather Guidone

Heather Guidone

Heather C. Guidone, BCPA (she/her/hers)

Heather is the Program Director of the Center for Endometriosis Care (CEC), where she is responsible for managing the CEC’s comprehensive multidisciplinary treatment program along with facilitating the CEC's clinical research, disease education and advocacy, and legislative/public policy endeavors to promote better care for endometriosis and pelvic pain gynepathologies.

She also coordinates the CEC's MIGS/Endometriosis Fellowship Program alongside CEC Medical Director and world-renowned endometriosis expert, Dr Ken Sinervo. Heather is internationally known for her extensive professional involvement in the global endometriosis community, ranging from her appointment on various research funding review panels to development of lay and clinical health education campaigns designed to improve delivery of care. She has focused on 'bench to beltway to bedside' efforts in endometriosis education, advocacy, research, policy reform, patient-centered care and more for over thirty years and continues to collaborate on many global endeavors related to the disease.

Most importantly, however, she has deeply lived experience with advanced endometriosis, which informs and brings perspective to her professional efforts.

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